The Vessel «MAEKSA»

The Vessel «MAEKSA»

The Vessel «MAEKSA»

- Vessel (70 ton) with electronic and chemical laboratories, and mechanical workshop

Motor-Sailing Boat “MAEKSA” – short history.

1935 – the designed project of Fishing Seiner, Germany.

1936-1937 – the Fishing Seiner had been built, Germany.

1945 - Fishing Seiner had been transferred to USSR as the reparations’ part and took fish in Onega Lake near St. Petersburg.

2005 – the hull of Fishing Seiner had been found in the Ship Graveyard on the river Maeksa near town Belosersk Region of Vologda Region; the river Maeksa flows into White Lake.

2006-2007 – the Fishing Seiner had been redesigned and constructed as the Motor-Sailing Boat named “MAEKSA”.

2009-2010 – Motor-Sailing Boat “MAEKSA” had been redesigned to marine workshop and laboratory.

2010 – MAEKSA took part in the Testing procedures of the contract with PETRONAS (Malaysia) as the carrier with ROV.

2010-2011 – MAEKSA was the base of the design and construction of the first of the world “Wireless Underwater Acoustic Video Communication Channel” (WUAVCC).

2011 – WUAVCC had been tested from the board of MAEKSA in the European Championship of Windsurfing, Burgas, Bulgaria, - in the mode “point-to-point”; MAEKSA had been accredited as the support vessel of Ukrainian National Team.

2011-2015 – AUV “X-3A” with wireless underwater video communication channel WUAVCC had been designed and constructed on MAEKSA board; AUV “X-3A” had been tested for several seasons in Mediterranean: Istanbul, Malta; the Cathodic Protection Automatic Inspection Approach – AUV-based – had been designed – “CP-UAIT”.

2014 - the MAEKSA had been re-engineered to the following view.

MAEKSA-2017 MAEKSA-2017-2 MAEKSA-2015

May,21,2015 - the public Demonstration of AUV-based Wireless Underwater Acoustic Video Communication Channel in “on-line live mode” with AUV X-3A: Malta, Sliema, St.Julians Bay; there were the representatives of the companies from “all over the world”.

2017 – the place of destination of MAEKSA with AUV “X-3A” just now – Malta.

The intrigue is that many leading companies in the world have tried for recent decades to create an underwater acoustic wireless video link (Research Report by BaltRobotics, dated 2011, is attached). Based on the presented report, it is possible to assume the total amount of expenditures in this development of several hundred million dollars over the past 20 years!

The fact is Lockheed-Martin published in spring, 2014 (see below) that the company with MIT were going to represent wireless underwater acoustic video in summer,2014!

deep str1

deep str2


But the company till now had not reported about the successful demonstration …

That was one of the reason that BaltRobotics declared its own demonstration in May,2015 and from autumn,2014. The invitations to visit Malta and to take part in the demonstration had been sent to every valuable company from the market and to the media.

After the successful demonstration in Malta there were published several articles in the leading magazines: ROV-PLANET, WORLD PIPELINES, HYDRO International, UST, and others (applied).

The first time BaltRobotics represented Wireless Underwater Video Channel for the representatives of the companies in 2011 in Burgas, Bulgaria. But that time it was only “point-to-point” mode. It took us from 2011 to 2015 to design special AUV “X-3A” to implement WUAVCC-technology for real AUV’s operations. Till now BaltRobotics is the only company in the world with this cutting edge technology.

Being a SME company, BaltRobotics offers companies, universities, scientific and technical museums to purchase the vessel MAEKSA with AUV “X-3A”, the first in the world equipped with underwater wireless video communication, for the use in the form of prototypes in the development or scientific and technical exhibits.

At the moment BaltRoboticsis building the new type of the vessel with AUVs of then next generation that will be represented soon. We believe that will be a new step in ocean exploration.

The photos of MAEKSA and AUV X-3A in the different missions and years are applied.

We will be glad if our vessel MAEKSA will serve for somebody as successful as it has done for us!


Contact pesrson from BaltRobotics: Mr. Sergii Kornieiev, President

mob +38 095 644 5458

skype: s_korneev

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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