Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

AUV X-3A by Baltrobotics design and manufacturing is equipped with:

- Referent Acoustic Undersea Navigation System with the vessel (USBL – Ultra Short Base Line type);
- Internal Navigation System (inertial and acoustic Doppler Log based);
- Wireless Underwater Acoustic Video Communication Channel;
- Autopilot for undersea pipeline search and following;
- Acoustic Modems: high data rate (for video communication) and middle data rate one – command channel robust for the depth and “multipath-effect” for acoustic waves.

This equipment is universal and can be used in different missions.

For the Oil&Gas inspection missions – Cathodic Protection inspections (CP-inspections) - AUV X-3A is equipped with “calomel electrode” to measure Cathodic Potential; and with the automatic weld equipment to connect “zero-electrode wire” to sacrificial anode of undersea pipeline. The list of payload equipment can be enlarged. The duration of the mission – till 12 hours. The maximum “sleep time” on the sea bottom – till 2 months.
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